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Instructional Design

Design Thumbnail"An Analysis and Guide for the Proposed Redesign of the ESL Curriculum in Saudi Arabia Public Schools using Advanced Organizers" is a follow-up to a previous instructional design module for my R511 Instructional Technology Foundations class. In this collaboration between my classmate and I, we proposed a guide to the redesign of Saudi Arabian public schools, specifically for the high school ESL curriculum. We began by giving a brief overview of learning theories (behaviorism, cognitivism, and constructivism) and practices, followed by a rationale for the advanced organizers used. To better assist the reader, we presented two advanced organizers supplied by supplementary explanation guides.

Skills Demonstrated:
- Identifying the potential problem areas on a macro, mid, and micro levels.
-Providing a sample of an international high school ESL curriculum and an overview of acceptable teaching practices (according to 10 years of personal experience in teaching in Saudi schools).
- Collaborating on context writing, specifically Supplementary Explanation Guide #2.
- Developing a summary of learning theories (organizer #2).

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