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E-Learning & Collaboration

As one of the requirements of R685 The World is Open with Web Technology course, we were required to have some type of weekly personal Web 2.0 reflections.  For mine, I chose a blog.  In this blog, I reflected on each week's topic, whether it was digital literacy skills, wikis, participatory learning, or mobile learning (among others).  The information in each post was provided from the readings and videos for that week, along with personal explorations of related websites.  Feedback was provided by my peers in the form of comments to the posts.  The URL to the blog is: and is still currently in progress.

Skills Demonstrated:
- Creating, posting, and maintaining a weekly e-learning blog
- Embedding video
- Posting images in the blog, as well as slideshows, and generating a QR code to directly link readers to the blog via smart phones